Rumors: Epcot Mary Poppins Attraction

The Mary Poppins attraction coming to Epcot is currently one of the biggest mysteries of upcoming Disney Parks. Rumors range from a dark ride to a carousel with theming based on either of the two Mary Poppins films.

But we still don't know exactly what this attraction will be, or if it will even be a ride and not an elaborate meet and greet.

In the video above we discuss all of the different rumors of what this attraction will be.

Since this video was released, performances have ended in the Great Britain pavilion signaling that construction may soon begin as the attraction will be replacing the current stage and surrounding garden. By the time the parks reopen from the Coronavirus, we may start to see progress on this new attraction.

What do you hope to see in this upcoming attraction? Which Mary Poppins film would you prefer this attraction be based on? Let us know in the comments below!