Come From Away: Feel Good Musical Cast Albums for the Coronavirus Outbreak

Come From Away Shubert Alley Poster Broadway Musical

Broadway is currently closed due to the social distancing efforts being taken around the world. This is a stressful time for everyone, so we thought we'd try to bring a little happiness back into the world.

During the Broadway closure, in place of our normal weekly guides to getting cheap tickets, we are going to be sharing a feel good cast album to help relieve a little bit of stress as we all have to make changes to our everyday lives.

For the first show, we could think of nothing better than Come From Away.

Come From Away is a show about finding happiness, love, and connection amidst a crisis. It manages to be hopeful and uplifting amidst the backdrop of 9/11 in a true story that will hopefully help inspire you to get through this trying time.

The ensemble cast all face struggles related to their present crisis, but still ends up finding the gems in all the chaos, which is something we all could learn to do given the present chaos.

Here are a few specific selections from the show to help you feel better.

This song tells the true-life story of Beverly Bass, who overcame numerous obstacles to become one of the first women to rise the ranks in a private airline company, who just happened to be flying on the day of 9/11 and ended up in Newfoundland. Her passion explodes out in this song, but it brought back to earth, literally and figuratively, by the end.

This is the opening song of the show that introduces you to the people of Newfoundland going about their normal lives before it is all interrupted. It is a great way to get an idea of what the full show is and manages to express the crisis of 9/11 without ever mentioning by name.

This song is a nondenominational prayer of unity where we see the entire cast prays to their deity for peace and an end to the current crisis. It is not about any one individual religion, but the shared desire to return to normal expressed through prayer.

This song is a simple duet between two characters who found each other through tragedy. It is about appreciating a moment and the people you share it with. You can feel the end is in sight for this relationship and they just wish to enjoy every second of what little time they have left with each other.

These are far from the only great songs in this cast album, we just shared some of the most uplifting from the show. Be sure to check out the entire album, and come back next week when we share another uplifting cast album.