Frozen II: Disney Plus Watch or Skip

Elsa Into the Unknown Ending Ice Crystals Frozen 2
With Frozen II joining Disney+ early we want to provide you a guide to help you decide if you should watch it on Disney's streaming service.

This is a sequel to the modern classic Disney animated film Frozen, that follows the royal family of Arendelle a few years after the events of the original film, when suddenly they are facing an all-new threat to Arendelle that calls into question everything Anna and Elsa know about their past, and the history of Arendelle.

While it does not soar to the same heights of its predecessor, it is more than worth a watch.

Lost in the Woods Kristoff with Reindeer Backup Dancers Frozen 2
The film features a stellar score with numerous stand out songs that we rank here. There is no Let It Go level song but it is still one of the strongest modern scores of any Disney musical. Songs like Into the Unknown and Lost in the Woods will surely join the ranks of iconic Disney songs in years to come.

Elsa Transformation Show Yourself Frozen 2
The animation in this film is also some of Disney's best, being so immaculately detailed on a level we have never seen from Disney before.

The one drawback of this film is it has an incredibly complicated plot that may be difficult for some children to understand. The rules of the magic are unchanging and it features many abstract concepts like colonialism and a changing timeline that opens up a few plot holes in the original film that can be difficult to grasp.

This also turns the franchise into a mystery film on some level as you try and figure out what is going on along with the Arendelle gang and a few new characters.

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If you are looking for a new film to enjoy with great original music and even better animation than check out Frozen II. You won't regret it.

Elsa the Fifth Element Show Yourself Disney Frozen II