Venus Vortex Construction Update Lake Compounce

Venus Vortex is the new water slide coming to Lake Compounce when it opens later this year for the season.

We sent our regional reporter out to check on the construction and discovered that the entire slide is now on-site and ready to be installed in the park.

Venus Vortex Construction Lake Compounce

While no active construction was taking place you could see all of the pieces of the slide staged right behind the current water park ready to be put together,

Venus Vortex Lake Compounce Construction Staging Bristol CT

Here you see the colorful pieces of the slide that will makeup the venus flytrap shaped new slide that will open later this year at the park.

Venus Vortex Concept Art Lake Compounce Water Park

You can see in the concept art here roughly how all the pieces will fit together. We can see all of the pieces on sight for this slide except for the red decorative pieces.

Are you looking forward to this thrilling new slide coming to Lake Compounce? Let us know in the comments!