5 Motivational Disney Songs to Help Coping With Social Distancing

Rapunzel When Will My Life Begin Tangled Disney
Last week we shared 5 Disney Songs That Were Relatable because of rising social distancing methods spreading across the US and around the world. This week we are doing something similar, sharing 5 songs to help motivate you to get through this.

When Will My Life Begin

I think we can all relate to Rapunzel at the beginning of Tangled at the moment. Stuck inside and doing the same couple of things over and over again, wondering when everything will change.

I'll Make a Man Out of You

We can all use this time to grow ourselves. Learn new skills and toughen up. Or just use this as a motivational song to help you through a tough moment!

I 2 I

This song is all about getting along with one another and seeing each other for who they are. While we are likely seeing a lot more of the people we live with it may be good to remember this message.

Just Around the Riverbend

We are all looking for an end to social distancing. Hopefully, that end is just around the riverbend.

On My Way

This song is all about making difficult journeys. We are all facing a difficult journey through the next couple of months and it may be good to learn to love every step we take along the way.

What songs have you been listening to, to get you through this? Let us know in the comments and we might feature them in a future article.