Mary Poppins Rumors, Coronavirus Effects Weekly Rumor Update

Mary Poppins Cherry Tree Lane Concept Art Epcot

This week we discuss rumors for the upcoming Mary Poppins attraction and how the Coronavirus may be effecting upcoming projects for the Disney Parks.

Mary Poppins Rumors

We believe that the Mary Poppins attraction will be some kind of flat ride, likely a carousel. But it will be inside, allowing for a lot more effects being worked into the ride experience. This will likely use the same basic technology we just saw unveiled in Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway this week used to transport you into the world of Mary Poppins.

Coronavirus Rumors

So we know that financial troubles internationally have caused projects to be canceled or scaled back in the past. The cost overruns in the construction of Shanghai Disneyland led to people using the hashtag #ThanksShanghai to describe the situation.

It appears this may happen again. Rumors are growing that currently unannounced projects are likely not to happen due to the financial struggles the company faces due to the Coronavirus. Not things like Mary Poppins, but things along the lines of the Figment replacement. Things we know are in the pipeline but not known to the wider public.

It all depends on how long the impact of the virus lasts.