Top 5 Disney Songs for Social Distancing

Me Party Muppets 2012 Disney
A lot of people are social distancing to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. This can be a stressful time for everyone, so here's a few Disney songs to help you calm down that somehow seem more relatable in the current crisis.

Me Party

Social distancing means you are staying away from other people, specifically large groups as much as possible. This can be lonely, making this song from The Muppets even more relevant.

After Today

This song is all about looking forward to the good things coming to you tomorrow. We all could use a bit of that optimism in this difficult time.

Almost There

This song is about overcoming present difficulties while preparing for future successes. We certainly are facing difficulties as a society at the moment and could all use a bit of Tiana's determination.

Le Festin

Le Festin is a wonderful song that just has this calming presence. Its a song about not just surviving but living and breaking free.

Little Wonders

Meet the Robinsons may not have aged well, but one thing that has held up is its music. This song is all about hope. Hope for the future and hope for success. A message we all need to here as the outlook appears bleaker by the day.