Chicago Broadway Musical Standing Room

Chicago is one of the longest-running Broadway musicals of all time, and depending on the cast it can still sell out on a somewhat regular basis.

If that happens there is still a way to get same-day tickets to a performance of Chicago and see the all-star cast.

If the performance sells out, as it often does during the limited time runs of more popular celebrities, then Chicago offers a chance to buy standing-room tickets to the performance

They are sold on a first come first serve basis when the box office opens or when the performance sells out.

Standing room tickets cost $27 each and only two can be purchased per person.

Just a reminder that these are standing locations and do not include an actual seat. You will have a reserved spot, but not a seated spot.

The standing-room spots can be a great way to see a more popular show or cast member without much advanced planning, just make sure the show is sold out or close to sold out before you attempt to get it. There is nothing worse than waiting for tickets that aren't even available.