Top 5 Broadway Songs for Social Distancing

Broadway Musical Collage

Broadway may be closed but its songs can still provide comfort during this difficult time when most public locations, including theaters, are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Here are 5 songs to help you cope with social distancing.

You Will Be Found

During this time it's easy to feel alone. This song can help remind you that no matter how lonely you might be, no matter how isolated your current situation is, there are people out there who care and this will pass.

Opening Up

This song is about people who still have to go about their daily lives despite constant stresses. This could not be more relatable given the current crisis.

No One Is Alone

This song is a ballad teaching us all that there are good people in the world. Good people who are worth reaching out to. Even in this world of social distancing, there are still people out there and you are not alone.

Simple Joys

Even though a lot of the things we love have been taken away from us amid the coronavirus outbreak, there are still a bunch of simple pleasures we all enjoy every day. As anxiety grows it is good to remember these.

Barbara 2.0

This song is a bit untraditional but I still think it fits. It is about a couple who reinvent themselves while trapped in an attic to fight against Beetlejuice. Use it to encourage yourself to use this time well. Learn a new skill. Overcome a fear. Read a book. Take advantage of the time this social distancing may have given you.