Times Disney Didn't Retheme Bathrooms When Changing the Park

Buena Vista Street Bathrooms Disney California Adventure

Disney Parks around the world are facing a space crisis. Many have run out of room so to add new attractions things have to be replaced. Often this also means reusing things that were already there as part of the new lands and attractions. But a growing trend is happening in these rethemed lands.

Disney keeps forgetting to retheme the bathrooms.

This has happened with at least four major rethemings that I could track down, although there could very well be more that I did not include. If so please let me know in the comments and I will update the article accordingly.

Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street replaced California Adventure's original entrance land the Sunshine Plaza. The original land highly featured tiles in almost every corner of the land, but most were removed in the renovation. There is one place the tiles remain. The bathrooms right after the entrance are exactly the same tile filled wonderland as when the park opened.

Journey Into Imagination

Imagination Pavillion Epcot

Do you miss the original version of this ride or wish you could have ridden it? Well, the bathroom in this pavilion has not changed its music since the opening day. This is a great spot for any fan of classic Epcot Center as it is one of the few remaining untouched things in the park. Especially with all the changes happening to the park at the moment who knows how much longer it will last so get your visits in soon.

Fantasyland Theatre

As far as I know, the inside of these bathrooms has not been changed since the old Videopolis days and boy does it feel like it. The inside just screams the 80s at you, which is I guess what they were going for but it really doesn't fit anymore. It feels like the bathrooms at a dance club, not the new theme of the Fantasyland Theatre.

Pixar Pier

This is the most recent on the list. When it opened Pixar Pier was accused of being rushed and details were missed. The most glaring example of this still remains the bathroom behind Jessies Critter Carousel. This bathroom is still fully aquatic-themed as it used to be the King Triton's Carousel of the Sea bathrooms. Even though the entire land changed around it these were left exactly as they were in Paradise Pier.

Have any other unchanged parts of the Disney parks you like to visit? Tell us in the comments!