The Grey Stuff: Disneyland Vs. Disney World

The Masters Cupcake Grey Stuff Be Our Guest Fantasyland Magic Kingdom

When Be Our Guest opened the restaurant was hailed as one of the main successes of New Fantasyland. It perfectly recreated the ambiance of three rooms in Beast's Castle as dining areas to create one of the most detailed restaurants in Disney World. It even recreated a famous dish from the movie.

The Grey Stuff.

In reference to a line from Be Our Guest, the restaurant's namesake song, a dessert was created based on the mysterious Grey Stuff. It was an opening day desert under the name "The Master's Cupcake" and has been a popular part of the restaurant.

The dessert was a chocolate cupcake topped with the oreo flavored Grey Stuff (it's delicious) and a decorative piece of chocolate.

It made sense then that when the Beauty and the Beast-themed Red Rose Tavern opened up at Disneyland that the Grey Stuff would make its way to the west coast. Although it didn't come without changes.

The Grey Stuff Disneyland Red Rose Tavern

For the west coast, they abandoned the cupcake and made it fully based on the oreo Grey Stuff topping of The Masters Cupcake.

There is some cake on the inside, this time however the cake is red velvet flavored and contains a raspberry. All of this is on top of a cookie that holds the desert together.

So which is better? I tend to prefer the Disneyland version but I also love anything red velvet. Also, I really like the actual Grey Stuff portion of both desserts which is pretty much identical, and there is more of it in this version. The dessert is taller and without a cupcake base, there is way more oreo flavored Grey Stuff than on top of the cupcake at Be Our Guest.

Both are great deserts and a fun reference to one of the most popular songs from Beauty and the Beast.

Which is your favorite if you have tried both? Let us know in the comments below.