What We Know About Super Nintendo World Coming to Universal's Epic Universe

Super Nintendo World Universal's Epic Universe Concept Art

Even though universal didn't reveal any details on their new park when they announced it on August 1st, we were able to definitively conclude what three of the lands for the new park are.

One of them was Super Nintendo World. Let's talk about what we know so far about this land coming to Universal Orlando Resort.

Mushroom Kingdom Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

Starting off we have the Mushroom Kingdom section, that appears to be similar to the land seen in other concept art that was leaked for the park. Expect it to have a more vibrant color scheme than you see in this concept art, which was likely purposefully dulled down to try and make it less obvious what it was.

Mario Warp Tunnel Universal's Epic Universe Concept Art

Then it appears you will enter the land through something similar to a warp tunnel, as was rumored. This should provide a barrier between it and the rest of the park, much like Diagon Alley.

Donkey Kong Minecart Roller Coaster Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

Here we have the Donkey Kong Minecart ride. Expect the ride to have a toned up version of a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train like ride vehicle. The same type of motion, but likely more thrilling, using the swinging as an active part of the ride experience.

Finally, we have the rides E-Ticket attraction, the Mario Kart attraction. This will be a thrilling dark ride, something Universal has been amazing at in the past. We don't know much about this attraction, or even which one of the many maps from the various versions of the game it will be based on, but it should be the flagship attraction of the park when it opens.

So what are you most excited about in this new park? Let us know in the comments.