Concept Art for Universal's Epic Universe Released

Universal's Epic Universe New Concept Art Orlando

So Universal released a high-resolution image of the concept art from the presentation, with no context as to what any of the attractions are.

So we really have no clue what most of this is. There is a giant roller coaster on the right that could be anything and there appears to be some kind of city land on the top right that reminds me of the streets of Diagon Alley.

It appears there are three main lands and some kind of central concourse between them. It also appears the park will get its own version of the Universal Arch at the entrance of the park, putting the future of the original arch in question as it seems strange for Universal to have two park entrances be so similar to each other.

One thing we definitely know is that there is certainly room for expansion in this park. Just in the concept art I can see two significant expansion pads, one between the coaster and the city and the other between the lower land on the left and the purplish land at the top, and that could be another one near the hotel.

We here at Theme Parks and Entertainment are going to keep analyzing this concept art and we'll be back later today with a more depth look at the hint at this future park that we got today.