Wicked Student and Military Discounted Tickets

Wicked is one of the most popular shows currently on Broadway. Featuring a twist on the Wizard of Oz, along with a great score, it is typically one of the highest grossing shows each week.

As a student, it can be difficult to afford Broadway tickets with all the costs and lack of income associated with seeking higher education. But Wicked allows a way for students to get to see the show.

At select performances, student tickets are available for $69. These performances are typically weekdays with the exception of major holidays. They can be purchased at the Gershwin Box Office as long as you have a valid current student ID from a college or university. A calendar of all dates for the discount can be found here.

Whenever student tickets are available, military discounted tickets are also available for $79 with a valid military ID. They can also be found on a special website, GovX.com found through the official Wicked website.

The calendar is the same for both discounts. There is also a limit of two tickets that can be purchased with each of the discounts.