What We Know About the Universal's Classic Monsters Land Coming to Universal's Epic Universe

Universal's Classic Monsters Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

Personally, this may be the land I am most looking forward to, but it is the one we know the least about. The concept art gives no clues except pointing at a dark color scheme for the land, with the location likely being a Transylvanian inspired village.

But what about attractions?

Rumors indicate there will only be one main attraction, and it might be Universal Orlando Resorts second Kuka ride. For those who don't know, Kuka is the ride system behind Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and it utilizes a robotic arm with a ride vehicle at the end of it to give a sort of hybrid of a simulator and a dark ride.

The interesting thing is, before Universal secured the rights to the Harry Potter franchise, the Kuka robotic ride being designed for Islands of Adventure was going to be based on Van Helsing, the vampire hunter. It appears they may be revisiting these plans for the classic monsters themed land. We don't know if it will be just a vampire-themed ride or a more generic Universal monsters ride featuring numerous classic monsters. I just hope this doesn't become a Transformers/ Spiderman situation where the rides with the same ride system aren't differentiated enough to from each other.

I would expect this to be reliant on both physical sets and screens similar to Forbidden Journey and I wouldn't be surprised to see animatronics throughout this ride as Universal has been more willing to use them recently.

Other than this ride I would probably expect some shows throughout the land. I also don't think it could be a horror-based land without some kind of permanent haunt experience.

There has also been some talk of a smaller second dark ride, but no theme has been specified and it is likely that it would be a later addition to the park as a potential phase two for the land.

As for the theater, I would give it a 50/50 chance of being a part of the land. It could easily be some kind of spiritual successor to the Beetlejuice show, but just as easily it could be a generic theatre playing shows based on literally anything with access from the Hub.

Universal has always done amazing things with horror properties, so it will be great to see some of them get a permanent parks presence.

What creature or monster from Universal do you want to get its own attraction in this land? Let us know in the comments.