Mary Poppins Ride Announced for Epcot's World Showcase

Cherry Tree Lane Concept Art Epcot Disney World

Disney is finally making an attraction based on Walt Disney's signature film, Mary Poppins, set in the Banks House on Cherry Tree Lane.

Details were scarce on what this new ride will be, but we can assume it will include elements of the sequel, Marry Poppins Returns, considering we see Jack the Lamplighter in the concept art for the attraction.

Rumors put this attraction as a carousel but this concept art looks more elaborate than that. But that is just me speculating.

Mary Poppins Epcot Ride Concept Poster

Our only hints are that concept art and the poster up above. More details will be revealed in time.

This attraction will be added as an addition to the UK Pavilion in the World Showcase of Epcot at Disney World.

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