What We Know About the New Fantastic Beasts Wizarding World Coming to Universal's Epic Universe

Fantastic Beasts Wizarding World Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

So we are finally getting the long-rumored third Wizarding World. Considering that this is the property that made the Universal Parks what they are today it makes complete sense that the Potter spin-off franchise will be getting a place in Universal's latest park.

Now rumors indicate the majority of this land will be inside, so the concept art doesn't really help us very much. It just appears to be a generic European city. If we trust rumors, it will take place in Paris. Locations will likely include the Ministry of Magic and other secret wizarding locations throughout the city.

Now, we have seen Ministry of Magic rumors since just after the opening of Diagon Alley. Originally it was intended as an expansion of the London section of Universal Studios Orlando. It is likely the plans for this Fantastic Beasts land evolved from these plans, much the same way the original Super Nintendo World, intended to replace KidZone, evolved into the larger land coming to Universal's Epic Universe.

Now, this land is rumored to include two attractions, one of which I would place as a ride that evolved from the early Ministry of Magic show plans.

The other we really know absolutely nothing about. It will probably be more rooted in the creatures from the franchise, likely following Newt on some kind of adventure.

There are two side streets that will probably lead to the two attractions, as well as the interior section. I am really intrigued as to what kind of magical effects they could work into the section as if they top what they achieved in Knockturn Alley, we are in for a real treat.

What would you like to see in the upcoming third Wizarding World Orlando? Also, what creatures from the Fantastic Beast films would you like to see as interactive wand elements? Let us know in the comments!