New 2020 Attraction Venus Vortex Announced for Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce Venus Vortex Concept Art

Lake Compounce announced a brand new attraction coming to the Crocidile Cove water park in May 2020, Venus Vortex.

This attraction, according to a representative from the park, will be the largest water ride in the park. It will be added in place of the current volleyball courts near the wave pool as we at Theme Parks and Entertainment predicted last week.

This waterslide will feature an inside section, and a verticle drop into the venus flytrap themed whirlpool section.

This ride will feature three-person rafts that will take you through your encounter with the Venus Vortex.

This will be the best-themed slide in the waterpark, and it will add a much needed second slide to the waterpark addition that to this date has not seen an addition.

Also, lets hope the trees from this concept art end up being added, as this section of the park could use some shade.

If you want to face the Venus Vortex be sure to visit Lake Compounce in the 2020 season and check it out near the Johnny Rockets.

Venus Vortex Lake Compounce Announcement

If you visit during the rest of the 2019 season be sure to check out the preview for this ride in the front of the park and the flytrap pathway throughout the park.

Lake Compounce Venus Vortex Pathway