What We Know About Avengers Campus Coming to Disney's California Adventure

One of the biggest announcements at D23 was all the new details we got about Avengers Campus, the all-new Marvel-themed land coming to Disney California Adventure. Let's dive into all that we know about the new land and its restaurants, shops, and most importantly, attractions.

Avengers Campus Lore

So first let's talk a bit about the background of this land and how it will be tied together with other Marvel-themed attractions around the world. All the Marvel lands are tied together as outposts where the Avengers are looking to find train new superheroes, including you. This will tie this land in with the others in Hong Kong Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios in Paris, and even Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in Disney World. It will also explain why every outpost does not have the same attractions, as each will have their own exclusive ride. At Disney California Adventure this is the already opened Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout.

Spiderman Attraction and Shop

Spiderman, despite having left the MCU, will still be a major part of the Marvel land both here and in Paris. In fact, he's the only solo hero to get his own ride, making sense as he is one of the most instantly recognizable superheroes in the world.

So what is Disney doing with this ride, and will it rival Universal's own Spiderman ride which is still considered one of the best rides ever built (and on my top 5 of all time)?

This ride will be a shooter where you are testing a new machine that allows you to have some of Spiderman's powers. But in true ride fashion, something will go wrong and you will actually need to help Spiderman defeat the Spiderbots.

Spiderman Ride Disney California Adventure Preshow Concept Art

We also know there will be some form of preshow for this ride, although we didn't get any details for it beyond this concept art.

WEB Suppliers Shop Concept Art Disney California Adventure

The company that makes up the backstory for this attraction will also have a store nearby. I think it's safe to assume this will hold mostly Spiderman merchandise.

Dr. Strange Attraction

Dr. Strange Attraction Concept Art Disney California Adventure

We got some concept art for a Dr. Strange themed area in Avengers Campus, but not any details on what it would include. Based on its inclusion in the meet and greet section of announcements, I would guess it will be an experience similar to Enchanted Tales with Belle at the Magic Kingdom that blends the meet and greet experience with a show.

Avengers E-Ticket

Avengers Disneyland Ride Concept Art Building

The biggest part of this announcement was an all-new Avengers-themed ride that will serve as the E-Ticket attraction of the land when it is finished. It will not open with the land, but serve as a later expansion to the land.

Avengers Disneyland Ride Concept Art Wakanda

It will involve riding one of the Avengers Quinjets around the world, with the only currently announced stop being in Wakanda. On it, you will join in some kind of fight between the Avengers and an unnamed enemy

Pym Test Kitchen

Pym Test Kitchen Concept Art Disney California Adventure

This will be the land's signature, and thus far only announced restaurant. It will be run using the growing and shrinking technologies shown in the Ant-Man films. I would expect some interestingly sized portions to be featured.

Last Thoughts

Some final thoughts before I close out the article.

We have not gotten a cast announcement for this land, so it will be interesting to see who out of the MCU cast will reprise their characters for the attractions in this land. Specifically, it will be interesting to see if Tom Holland will portray Spiderman or not given all the drama related to the Sony-Disney negotiations.

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