Universal's Epic Universe Concept Art Explained

Universal's Epic Universe Concept Art Explained

So we got a large piece of concept art for Universal's Epic Universe today, but with no context as to what anything inside of the park actually is. So we here at Theme Parks and Entertainment put out our best guess as to what everything in the park is. We're going to start at the In park hotel at the top and go clockwise around the park.

Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter Land Concept Art Epic Universe

So first we enter what is likely the Fantastic Beasts land. It features a similar layout to other Harry Potter lands, with narrow streets and only one or two major attractions.

Space Something

This appears to be some kind of restaurant that just gives off a space kind of feel to me. It doesn't appear to be connected to any land. I could, however, be completely wrong as this is really just a guess.

Expansion Pad 1

There is a path that leads to nothing between the spaceish building and the coaster below, which in theme parks almost always means this is an expansion pad, meant for some land and/ or attraction at a future date.

Warp Tube/ Unknown Coaster

Now, this I would guess at being a Mario Kart coaster if we didn't have that elsewhere in the park so I have no idea. One interesting thing is if you look closely in a few locations there are two tracks next to each other. Could this be an all-new dealing coaster for the park? We will just have to wait and see what the theme of this coaster is.

Possible Dreamworks Land

Possible Dreamworks Land Universal's Epic Universe Concept Art

So this is labeled as the unknown land on the larger concept art as it really doesn't have an obvious theme like the other lands. I called it the Dreamworks land as its the only rumored land for the park I couldn't place somewhere. This could easily be Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, or Kung Fu Panda, or some combination of the three of them, with its woodsy outdoor theme. There also appears to be some ride that travels throughout the land, like the Peoplemover, Pterodactyl Flyers, or the High in the Sky Trolley.


This appears to be some kind of a play on the classic Universal arch, using a more classical inspired design.

Unknown Ride

Entrance Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

I'm labeling this a ride as the building just looks too big to be a shop or restaurant. But it is also not a part of a larger land, so could this be a Universal attempt at an original attraction? Probably not but I would keep my eye on what Universal announces for this space.

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World Universal's Epic Universe Concept Art

This concept art perfectly matches previous leaked models and the plans for a similar land at Universal Japan. It will feature a Mario Kart ride and a Donkey Kong roller coaster. It does appear this will only feature these two properties, not other rumored properties like Legend of Zelda or Pokemon.

Expansion Pad 2

This is yet another empty space reserved for a future attraction.

Universal's Classic Monsters

Universal's Classic Monsters Land Concept Art Epic Universe

It made it! If you followed the rumors of this park you know this was the debateable land that was the one that would be budget cut first from the plans, but here it is in the first official concept art! A land based on Universal's Classic Monsters. This will probably be based on either the classic versions of the monsters or an all-new version of them created for the parks, not any more recent remake of the characters. It also appears this land features some kind of amphitheater which I personally can't wait to see what they put in.

Smaller Expansion Pad

Last but not least there appears to be a smaller expansion pad, likely for one ride as opposed to a full land, between the monsters land and the hotel.

So what do you think? Did we miss anything? Did we get anything wrong? Let us know in the comments!