Why Avengers Campus Won't Be as Immersive as Galaxy's Edge

Avengers Campus is currently one of the most anticipated theme park lands in the world, bringing the world's most profitable film franchise to life for the first time.

But we have reason to think that this will be nowhere near on the same level of immersion we recently saw in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Now don't get me wrong, I am sure the rides on their own will be amazing, but I don't think this land is going to be anywhere near on the level of modern immersive lands like the Wizarding Worlds, Pandora, or Galaxy's Edge, and it comes down to something the source material lacks.

Original worldbuilding.

To elaborate, I mean creating original spaces and locations that you want to visit. This is something the Star Wars films, Harry Potter books and movies, and Avatar excel at. You get swept up into the world of the characters and want to go through the same experiences as the characters. Who didn't want to fly an ikran when they saw Avatar, or take a walk down the winding streets of Diagon Alley. These are places you wanted to visit.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't do that.

Now, this is not to discount anything the MCU has accomplished. It has a 23 film continuous arc without any major flops or continuity errors. But it stays mostly focused on characters and their powers as opposed to developing locations. Most films take place in an urban city that, minus the superheroes, could and often does exist in our world.

There are exceptions to this, mainly Wakanda from Black Panther which does give off that same feeling, but that is not the land we are getting.

Instead, we get a collection of old Stark Industry warehouses that were turned into an Avengers compound.

Avengers Campus is not going to be an immersive land, nor should it be if it is going to be an accurate portrayal of its source material. It is going to give us character-driven stories like we have already seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout with the world-building taking a backseat. Mission: Breakout provides exactly what you would expect from a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, and I would expect the rest of the land to fit the same mold. Telling character-driven stories and letting you be the center of the action.

While it may not be immersive, it will be an accurate representation of the MCU, which is really all we can ask of a theme park land.