Lake Conpounce Teasing 2020 Attraction Announcement on August 12th

#ItsATrap Something is Growing By the Lake Lake Compounce Poster

Lake Compounce is teasing a new attraction for 2020 using #ItsATrap. This appears to be a very similar marketing campaign to the one that brought us Phobia a few years ago.

So far we have gotten a series of main clues, the first being the photo above showing a plant and mentioning something growing by the lake. This points at the attraction likely being a part of the Crocodile Cove water park as opposed to a more traditional ride.

Lake Compounce New 2020 Ride Hint Crates

The second would be the display currently in front of the park which features a series of boxes that read things like "danger" and "do not feed".

First, we got a cryptic tweet to about Venus Flytraps.

Then a second more specific tweet with a whirlpool pointing at an August 12th announcement.

Based on all these hints Lake Compounce is probably adding a Venus Flytrap themed waterslide to the park, making it the first major addition to the waterpark since the Riptide Racers slides and second wave pool.

Lake Compounce Second Wave Pool

As for a location, there are two spots this could easily move into. The first and most likely would be behind the second wave pool. This was set for an expansion years ago that never happened and it would be easy to install a ride in the empty space there. It could also open up a path all the way around the lake which would be a good thing as far as crowd control goes.

Lake Compounce Lighthouse Slide

The other less likely location is replacing the old lighthouse slide that has been closed all season. This would require more work but it is closer to the center of the park.

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