The Disneyland Band Performs the Raiders March (Indiana Jones Theme)

Take a trip into an adventure unlike any other with the Disneyland Band.

The Disneyland Band is always special, but one of the best places to see them is when they perform in Frontierland. They enter, perform one song around the flag pole before moving to the Golden Horseshoe for the rest of the show.

As they enter they perform the Raiders March from the Indiana Jones franchise. It is a little weird hearing this song in Frontierland, but the band does a great job performing it, and you can usually get a great spot to see it because they perform in the center of the land as opposed to in a set place. Any position around the flagpole is a good spot to watch as they perform in a circular formation for this song.

After this song, be sure to move on to the Golden Horseshoe to catch the rest of their set, as this performance has very different music than those on Main Street USA and in Fantasyland as it is more based in New Orleans Square, Frontierland, and Adventureland music than classic Disney songs.

If you want to see some less traditional music performed by the Disneyland Band, be sure to check out their Frontierland set, at the flagpole and then the Golden Horseshoe.