Five and Dime Disney California Adventure

Five and Dime is the main live show on Buena Vista Street. Featuring a live vocalist, band, and dancers, this is a great diversion from a busy day in the park.

The show is performed several times a day in front of Carthay Circle, although they also perform on a car while entering the park through Hollywoodland.

It used to be performed alongside a similar show, the Red Car News Boys, but this show was retired, leaving Five and Dime as the only significant entertainment offering in the park.

This show involves period-specific music performed live for you, as well as a surprise appearance by a certain Disney character towards the end of the show.

This show is a great part of the land, adding live music to the entrance of the park similar to the Dapper Dans in Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. Their car also adds some kinetic movement to the land, which, while the Red Car Trolley is in refurbishment, could really use some.

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