Review: The Mandalorian Episode 4: Sanctuary

The Mandalorian Poster Season 1

Today we are reviewing the just-released fourth episode of The Mandalorian, NAME only available on Disney+.

As always our review will include a spoiler-free section followed by a section including spoilers in our review, so be sure to stop reading before that if you haven't seen the new episode yet and don't want key details ruined for you.

This episode was not as grand in spectacle as the first three, but what it lacks in spectacle it makes up for in story and practical action scenes instead of large blaster fights

Cara Dune, a bounty hunter is introduced in this episode and is a welcome addition to the show, providing a more human counterpart to The Mandalorian, and showing some of the mysterious past of our title character.

The final battle, while not on the scale of the first few episodes battles, is filmed brilliantly, creating suspense and thrill in a relatively low stakes mission that is on the level of the bigger fights in earlier episodes.

It also ends on what I think is the most emotional moment so far in the series.

Spoiler Warning

The episode begins with a scene on a new planet that provides some early action to the episode, and it introduces us to the new planet that the rest of the episode takes place on.

We then get introduced to a new character, a bounty hunter the title character has a past with, Cara Dune. We learn of her history in the war that ended the empire and how she is hiding out on this planet after abandoning her previous role.

The action sequence at the end of the episode uses its limited scale to create suspense as opposed to sustaining action and the result is visually stunning.

As I said above, the episode ends on an emotional moment where The Mandalorian questions what the best intros of Baby Yoda is, considering leaving him behind for the child’s own well being, until the decision is made for him. They both had the chance at a better life, but it wasn’t safe and they had to leave their better life behind.

This episode showed that the show doesn’t need epic stakes to keep up the same quality of storytelling.

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