Freestyle Love Supreme Digital Lottery

Freestyle Love Supreme Broadway Theatre Now In Previews

This musical has closed. This article remains as a record.

Freestyle Love Supreme is the new Broadway smash brought to Broadway with the help of Lin Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame. It's a different show every night and you even get to see new special guests at each performance.

This is a popular show currently playing on Broadway so it may be difficult to get an affordable ticket to see it.

But don't worry! This show offers a digital lottery to enter for a chance at low-cost tickets to this hit show.

You can enter this lottery starting at noon the day before the performance you are entering for and there are two different drawings, one at 9am and one at 3pm. If you win either you will have 6 hours to purchase your tickets.

Tickets won through this lottery are $35, and you can win a maximum of 2 tickets per person if you win.

As with all lotteries, the tickets can be located anywhere in the theater, and if you get two tickets they may not even be together.