5 Underrated Animated Classics You Should Watch on Disney+

Disney+ is one of the biggest Disney developments in history, with so much potential, and putting an end to that pesky Disney Vault. The vault is now wide open and everything (well, almost) is available to watch for subscribers, as much as you want.

But there is so much on there, how do you know where to start? We can help, here's 5 of the best underrated Disney animated films to get your Disney+ binge-watching started. We're not including Pixar films as honestly, there aren't any underrated Pixar movies. These are by no means the only underrated films worth watching and go crazy exploring all the films available on the brand new service.

Winnie The Pooh (2011)

This film is great. It captures the style of the classic Pooh films with a brilliant original score by the (then future) songwriters of Frozen. Being a flop at the box office due largely to its wizarding opening date partner, you are forgiven for having missed this film. But now it is your chance to enjoy the best Pooh movie since the original. Trust me, it's worth it.

The Sword in the Stone

All the classic Disney animated fairy tales get an incredible amount of acclaim, yet this one is usually left out of most discussions on Walt-era fairy tale animated films. It includes several characters worthy of being parts of the larger Disney canon, mainly Merlin (seriously watch the movie and tell me he wouldn't make the best meet and greet character in the Disney Parks) and a story that is timeless. Take the time to watch this film.

Brother Bear

This is not the best Disney film ever made, I'll admit that upfront. But it has a sorely underrated score by Phil Collins and some of the best hand-drawn animation in recent memory. The 'Welcome' sequence and anything involving the two Moose characters alone makes this film worth at least one viewing.

Oliver and Company

This film is disjointed and a little sloppy, but it just has a certain level of charm to it. The songs are by far the highlights of the movie, and it does a great job of transferring a classic story into something easily digestible for children. This movie is a great watch for anyone who loves the original Oliver story in either its novel or musical form, as it reimagines it while keeping the original intent of the story intact.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This movie had such high ambitions, and achieved relatively none of them. This is a shame since it really is good. Honestly, it is probably to smart for its own good, causing its initial failure. It is not a fun, family-friendly musical, but a more serious adventure film more in line with some of the classic Disney live-action films. Disney was almost certain of the future success of this film with multiple Disney Parks attractions developed in anticipation of its success, only to be canceled. Watching the film you may see why Disney thought it would be a success, but unfortunately ended up one of many of the Disney flops of the 2000s.

What are you going to be watching first on Disney+? Is there anything else we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!