5 Amazing Disney Rides Only Built Once

Disney builds some amazing and immersive rides in their parks around the world. Some get built in several parks like Peter Pan's Flight. But just rides never get built again does not mean they are not amazing and integral to their park.

Check out our video list of 5 amazing Disney rides that were only built in one Disney Park in the world.

For the purpose of this list, we eliminated anything built in the last five years as it could easily still be built again in the near future. It is too soon to include things like the rides from Pandora as there are still active rumors of Pandora coming to other Disney Parks.

Spaceship Earth

This ride has become the icon of Epcot as a whole and honestly has become one of the most recognizable structures Disney has ever built, on the level of the castles. It may have changed a lot over the years it has been open to keep up with the times but it has still kept up the same theme of communication (and storytelling?) of the human race.

Its ambition alone should put it on this list. The ride is built inside a suspended sphere with dozens of animatronics and practical sets inside. This ride is Epcot at its best. Hopefully, the forthcoming updates will just improve on this already amazing ride.

Radiator Springs Racers

This was Disney's first large scale attempt at a modern immersive land and boy did they deliver. The rockwork is some of the best Disney has ever done and it manages to perfectly put together the classic dark ride style experience with a modern thrilling family attraction.

The scale of this ride is unlike anything Disney has ever done, and I hope they try something on this level again in the future.

Wedway Peoplemover

Ok so Disney technically built the Peoplemover twice, but both were completely different experiences so I still think it fits on this list. Also one has not existed for over 20 years.

The Disney World version is built on such a large scale and gives a preview of every attraction in Tomorrowland and exists just as a transportation system. No story thrown in, or interactive element for kids. Just a nice place to rest your feet while getting great views of Tomorrowland.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

This ride is almost as much of an icon for Disneyland as Sleeping Beauty Castle is. How it has not come to another park considering it was the first roller coaster in a Disney Park is just shocking. Now, it has become a bit rough over the years, but its historic value in Disney history makes it well worth at least one ride and Disney has kept upgrading it over the years to make sure it never feels out of date. With new animatronics and show scenes, this ride has kept up well with the times.

Expedition Everest

This is the last Disney ride built in the US without being based on any Disney film and it is just amazing. It provides a fully immersive experience from the queue all through the attraction, truely transporting you to the forbidden mountain.

Sure it has the Disco Yeti, but the rest of the ride still holds up and if you had a chance to see the yeti in full working order it was amazing. This ride proves a ride doesn't need to be based on a popular film to be amazing.

And that's our list. Are there any other rides you think should be included here? Let us know in the comments and we just might include them in a follow-up video/ article.