Kilimanjaro Safari's Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari

Kilimanjaro Safari is the largest Disney ride ever built and it is probably the closest you can get to an authentic African safari without actually traveling into Africa.

You will travel past dozens of different species of animals, all native to Africa found in replicas of their natural environments.

Each ride is different and you never know which specific animals you will see on a ride through. This makes the ride one you may want to do multiple times each time you visit Disney's Animal Kingdom.


Thrill Rating 5/10

This ride gets unpredictably bumpy as there is no track. There is also a chance you can get stranded on the ride for an extended period of time.

Special Information

While all of the animals on this ride are currently authentic, this ride originally included a few animatronics to tell a story about poaching.