New Tomorrowland Entrance Coming to Disneyland

New 2020 Disneyland Tomorrowland Entrance Concept Art

We have known for a while that Tomorrowland's entrance was changing, with the removal of the so-called "french fry" rocks in the hub, but now we have an idea of what the new entrance will look like when it is completed in early 2020.

The rocks will be replaced by brand new planters, taking inspiration from the 1967 "world on the move" version of Tomorrowland, with space-age inspired pillars rising from platforms in both of the planters.

The planters will be filled with colorful flowers, evocative of the colors of the land.

Although not formally acknowledged in the announcement, this concept art also shows the Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear buildings returning to their golden color schemes from the 1990s. If true this may be a more controversial change.

Also notable is the continued inclusion of the Peoplemover/ Rocket Rods tracks in the concept art. It looks like their staying around at least for the near future.

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