A Hidden Surprise for Disney Parks Fans on Disney+

Disneyland Around the Seasons Logo Disney+

Disney+ released today with tons of content from the nearly century-long history of the Disney company. But there was only one main original offering announced related to the Disney Parks, and the original Disneyland show was nowhere to be found.

But there is a hidden surprise in Disney+ for fans of classic Disneyland, and something we hope ends up showing up more often on the service.

I am talking about the classic Disneyland Around the Seasons documentary which showcases Disneyland in the 1960s showing looks into many famous attractions.

It's always great watching Walt Disney talk about his part and that's how the documentary opens. The documentary also gives us some great footage of the early years of It's a Small World and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

We also get a look at several parades and Christmas themed productions that were performed at Disneyland in these early years.

Finally, you get a look at the 1960s Tomorrowland, including the short-lived Jet Pack man who would fly over the land.

I wish the service would include more of these classic Disney television specials, as they are not available easily anywhere else, and would really be a great way to pay tribute to Walt's passion for Disneyland.

Do be aware, as Disney points out on the service, this does depict tobacco and outdated cultural depictions as it was made in the 1960s. If this is not something you would like to see, you might want to skip this one.

Have you found any 'hidden secrets' in Disney+ that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!