Tootsie The Musical Digital Lottery

Tootsie Theatre Broadway

This musical has closed. This article remains as a record.

Similar to the General Rush Tootsie offers daily, this show has a lottery for cheap tickets that is very easy to win.

The lottery opens at 7pm the day before the performance you want to see, and you can enter it until 9am for matinees or 2pm for night shows on the day of the show. At those two times the winners will be notified through email if they have the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets to see Tootsie that day.

This, like I said earlier, is really easy to win. I entered once and I won, and I know of other people with very similar experiences.

Tickets cost $42, the same as Rush tickets to this show, and you can win up to two tickets each to this show.

Honestly, if you lose this and you really want to see this show, you should still have time to get in the Rush line in time as long as you are in the area.