New Name and Scenes Coming to Snow White's Scary Adventures in Disneyland

Snow White's Scary Adventures Happy Ending 2020 Changes Concept Art Disneyland

New concept art has been revealed for the 2020 massive renovation of Disneyland's Snow White's Scary Adventures. It reveals two of the new scenes showing Snow White's happily ever after, a scene that has been missing from all different versions of the ride.

Snow White's Scary Adventures Happily Ever After 2020 Changes Concept Art Disneyland

If the concept art above is right then it reveals that pretty much everything after the dark forest is not going to be returning to the ride when it reopens. The last time the above scene could occur is a turn right after that scene as it is the last left turn in the ride. Assuming the layout doesn't change, that means iconic scenes like the dark forest and the Evil Queen's death will be leaving Disneyland forever.

Snow White's Scary Adventure's Layout Changes 2020 Disneyland

If you look at the above diagram, that is where I believe the new scenes are going based on the track scene in the concept art and the layout of the ride.

Snow White's Scary Adventures Facade Disneyland

It was also announced the outside of the attraction will be changing to be more "charming" and be more in line with the architecture of Sleeping Beauty Castle. I personally just hope the Evil Queen in the window stays through this refurbishment.

The name or the attraction will also be changing in 2020, likely dropping the scary from the name as the scarier scenes will not be returning.

The attraction will be closing for the changes on January 6th.

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