IAAPA Weekly Rumor Update

This week was the IAAPA Expo, which means we get a look at a lot of what technology may be coming to various theme parks around the world, as well as usually some minor reveals from major companies. To simplify this article, we are not including every announcement here, but only the main ones, as well as speculation that came out of the expo.

New SeaWorld Coaster

We got a brand new announcement of a dive coaster coming to SeaWorld San Diego called Emperor. Be sure to check here for more information.

New Blizzard Beach Attraction

There have been rumors for a while that Blizzard Beach was getting a new attraction during its lengthy winter closure, but it now seems more certain. A major waterpark attraction company announced it had a project for this park on a larger list of upcoming projects.

This was then later debunked when the company removed it from the list and said they were merely retracking an existing slide. This is a disappointment because Blizzard Beach REALLY needs something new.

Imagineering Shake-Up

There were some organizational shake-ups in upper levels of Imagineering. This easily could affect both current and future projects in literally every Disney Park in the world.