Review: The Imagineering Story Season 1 Episode 1

The Imagineering Story Poster Disney+ Original Series

The Imagineering Story was something Disney Parks fans would kill for. A look at the inner workings of Imagineering.

For the first episode, we got an inside look at the creation and early years of the original Disneyland, looking at the creation of WED, the funding of Disneyland by ABC, the opening of Disneyland, its early expansions, the attractions of the 1964 World's Fair and the beginning of planning the Florida Project.

In essence, this is Walt's story.

This documentary while not revealing anything not already public puts everything all in one place and provides one of the best descriptions of early Imagineering and Disneyland I have ever seen, made by Disney or the fan community.

We get a look at footage from the construction of Disneyland and its disastrous opening day, with breaking down rides and chaotic overcrowding.

The whole episode feels like a love letter to classic Disneyland, brought to you by the people who created it. We see honest depictions of the financial aspects of Disneyland, and Walt Disney's own leadership style.

The documentary gives you an appreciation for the work that went into famous attractions like the Matterhorn and BLANK, and the groundwork that went into them, as new ground was created for each attraction added to Disneyland.

Imagineer Bob Gurr Playing Basketball Inside the Disneyland Matterhorn

The highlight of the episode for me, in all honesty, was the trip inside the Matterhorn Bobsleds in present-day, watching Imagineer Bob Gurr take us on a backstage tour of the attraction, including the much talked about Basketball Court at the top of the mountain.

Another of the best things in the documentary is hearing Imagineers themselves talking about what they think is important about designing a theme park, from the kinetics of movement to the need for humor in attractions.

It provides a great tribute to one of the last legacies of Walt Disney, and just how much he gave to the early years of the Disney Parks.

What did you think of The Imagineering Story's premiere episode? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below!