The Lightning Thief Musical Rush

Longacre Theatre The Lightning Thief The Musical

This musical has closed. This article remains as a record.

The Lightning Theif is a new musical currently playing a limited run on Broadway. This show mainly aimed at teens brings Greek mythology to a new generation of theatergoers in a interesting production of the popular book series.

As we talked about with the lottery, despite tickets to this show aren't that expensive, but there are still multiple ways to get cheap tickets to the show on the same day for anyone looking for a last-minute show to see.

The Lightning Thief offers a Rush policy where they give out tickets to the show for a discounted rate every day when the box office opens.

The box office opens at 10 AM every day except for on Sundays when it opens at 11 AM (Note this time as it is different from the normal Sunday operating schedule of other Rush lines).

Tickets are given on a first come first serve basis, and the exact number of tickets released on a given day is unknown in advance.

If you get the chance to purchase tickets, you can buy a maximum of two tickets per person at a rate of $42 each.

As with most opportunities for cheap Broadway tickets, the exact location of your seats is unknown at the time of purchase and could be located anywhere in the theater, including partial viewing locations.

This show is only on Broadway for a limited time, so don't wait if you want to see this show. Make your plans to see it now.