The Lightning Thief Musical Digital Lottery

The Lightning Thief Musical on Broadway

This musical has closed. This article remains as a record.

The Lightning Theif Musical has had an interesting journey to Broadway, from Off-Broadway to tour to Broadway, and we personally at TPE are glad that it's here. It is a great adaptation of the first entry in the famous young adult series.

This show, even though tickets are not hard to come by, they still offer multiple ways to get cheap tickets to the show at the last minute.

They offer two different lotteries for cheap tickets online.

The first is done for matinees and opens at 12 AM each day and closes at 10 AM.

The second is for evening performances and opens at 12 AM each day and closes at 3PM in the afternoon.

All tickets won through the lottery cost $42 and you can win a maximum of two tickets per person per performance.

As with all lotteries, the theater does not guarantee where your seats will be. They could be front row, they could be in a partial view location. You take the risk and you may be rewarded, but there is never a promised location.

This is a nice way to see a new and innovative show during its limited run on Broadway. If you want to see this show, be sure to catch it while you can.