What Really Happened to Buzzy?

So there have been a lot of questions and false reporting on what happened to Buzzy. Everyone seems to have their own theory and there are conflicting reports out there as to what happened to him. I'm going to try in this to summarize what we know happened and what we still don't know in regards to the theft of Buzzy, the animatronic character from the former Walt Disney World attraction Cranium Command.

So this all started around thanksgiving last year, where rumors started popping up of Buzzy disappearing, publicized in part by two twitter users, DreamfinderGuy and BackdoorDisney. Photos from urban explorers even surfaced proving his disappearance.

For background, the animatronic had been left in the ride since its closure in 2007, still hooked up to the ride's mechanics. This made the attraction a popular spot for Disney urban explorers as it was essentially an entirely intact abandoned Disney attraction.

So by the end of December 2018 police were confirming that the animatronics clothing had indeed been stolen from the ride, and that a suspect had been identified.

This suspect was, in fact, BackDoor Disney, but we will get back to that later.

So this is when the theories went wild. Some said Backdoor had simply discovered it was missing. Some said he stole it. There were also theories on what exactly was stolen. We knew for sure the clothing was, but the question still remained of what happened to the animatronic. Two main theories arose here, one that the animatronic was stolen as well at a later date, and the other that it had been taken to the archives after the first theft.

BackdoorDisney was also accused of stealing props from other rides like the Haunted Mansion, evidence of which was found on his phone and charges were made. By this point, the BackdoorDisney Twitter account had also changed ownership from the accused. This all happened by September 2019.

Then in October, the location of Buzzy's clothes was made public. Who had them?

Bucks player Robin Lopez, who made a publicized appearance at Walt Disney World about a week after this news became public (because this story couldn't get any weirder). Apparently, he claims to have unknowingly bought them from the original BackdoorDisney. He did return the clothes to Disney, where hopefully they are being preserved in the archives.

So what happened to the animatronic? We still don't know! Statements made by officials involved in the case lead to the conclusion the animatronic was stolen by a different person, but even that involves a certain amount of speculation. Let's just hope someone finds him and gets him where he belongs, the Disney Parks archives.

So where do you think the animatronic is? Have your own theories as to what happened with Buzzy? Let us know in the comments below!