Review: The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 3

Disney+ Star Wars The Mandalorain Poster

The Mandalorian, as was expected, has been one of Disney+'s breakout successes, with Disney rushing to bring out Baby Yoda merchandise (which somehow they didn't anticipate a need for) before the holiday season.

Today we are reviewing the third episode, as we did last time there will be a spoiler-free section followed by a section where we delve deeper into the episode with spoilers included, so be sure not to pass the spoiler warning section if you haven't watched the episode yet.

Spoiler-Free Review

This episode ups the action, bringing us two major fights, the latter of which I think could potentially be one of the iconic moments of the entire Mandalorian first season, if not the entire Star Wars franchise.

While the action level is definitely higher in this episode, it still leaves room for building up the story, especially the backstory of some of the more mysterious elements of the lore.

This may be the best episode yet to come out of the series, with the perfect mix of classic Star Wars nostalgia, new mythology, and thrilling action sequences.

Spoiler Warning Below

Now we venture into the section of the review that will include spoilers so be aware if you continue reading beyond this point.

You have been warned.

So we get an extended look at Mando's backstory that we saw part of in a previous episode, this time adding on a droid finding his hiding spot before cutting back to the present day.

The first main action sequence is typical of what you would find in the original trilogy, with The Mandalorian fighting a massive amount of faceless Stormtroopers with his newly upgraded armor and weaponry.

Then we get to the bounty hunter infighting which starts as a pretty typical Star Wars fight with nothing really distinguishing it. Then the entire tribe of Mandalorians show up and fight with their signature jetpacks and weapons in a visually stunning fight that as I mentioned above is sure to be one of the iconic moments of the series as its the first we have seen more than one Mandalorian in action.

We leave the episode with The Mandalorian and baby Yoda facing an uncertain future.

This episode was the best one yet, managing to find the right mix of action, nostalgia, and new world-building, and I hope future episodes follow in the pattern of this one.

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