New Look at Model for Disney Parks Frozen Themed Land

Disney Parks Frozen Land Scale Model

Today we got a brand new look at a model Disney has created for one of the Frozen-themed lands they are currently designing and building around the world.

We just don't know which one.

To take a look at it, it appears to involve a large amount of rockwork, something that has been feature in all the concept art for the Walt Disney Studios version of this land in Paris. Also if you look at some of the images in the background you can clearly see what appears to be a lake, that could easily be the central lake seen in all of the blue sky concept art for the Paris park's expansion plans.

It could also easily be the Tokyo version of the land, which will also feature a significant amount of water as it is a park of Tokyo DisneySea.

The only one I think we can eliminate is the Hong Kong version, as I see no roller coaster in this land, and there isn't really room in that version of the land for a sizeable lake.

The actual model does not give us a lot of detail, beyond showing us a boat that will be in the land, and a sense of the scale of the rockwork for the land, which it appears it will be on the scale of the rockwork done for other immersive lands from Cars Land to Pandora.

This will surely be an exciting addition to the Disney Parks, and it's always great to get a new look at an in-development project.