Did Disney Leak Concept Art of a Coco Dark Ride?

Possible Coco Dark Ride Concept Art Disney Imagineering

As you may know, Coco has been rumored to be getting an attraction in the Disney Parks since shortly after it came out. Rumors have mainly been for Epcot, to replace the Gran Fiesta Tour, although less strong rumors place it as the first major expansion of Pixar Pier (sorry flat rides don't count).

These rumors have been dying down since nothing was announced at D23, with insiders claiming the budget for this project in Epcot was cut.

But, as you may know from our coverage on Spaceship Earth, Imagineering released a new website this week with tons of new images. Including one that appears to confirm that at some point, a Coco ride was designed.

The above image was taken from a larger image below.

Disney Imagineering VR Ride

This image appears to show people riding through a VR recreation of the land of the dead from Coco, identifiable by the window on the right of the monitor.

Now, this could be a VR attraction, but more than likely this is some kind of system Disney uses to test ride designs, especially considering CEO Iger's previous comments on VR rides. Theoretically, VR could be used to simulate any kind of attraction Imagineers may have designed without having to actually build any elements from it.

It is also possible this is an implementation of the highly rumored, mysterious black box style dark ride system Disney is apparently developing. Could Coco be the opening version of this attraction? We shall just have to wait and see.

What this image has done is put a dead rumor back on our radar, as now it has some actual credibility from Disney.

Would you like to see a Coco themed attraction? If so, where would you put it? Let us know in the comments below.