The Mandalorian Episode 1 Spoiler Free Review

The Mandalorian Star Wars Disney Plus Poster

Today was the release of Disney+, and with it a TON of new content was released, including the much anticipated Mandalorian, the first major Star Wars live-action TV series.

Because of the anticipation we will not be including any substantial spoilers here beyond organizational or tone spoilers, so you can relax, we are not going to spoil any of the plots for you here.

Here we go.

This series gives Star Wars fans something they have been clamoring for, a series deeply set in Star Wars mythology that is entirely separate from the events of the main Skywalker Saga, while still feeling like it is a part of the universe.

Just in the first episode, there are references to just about every Star Wars troupe in the book, including references to even lesser-known parts of the Star Wars canon, like the Clone Wars animated series, and the controversial Star Wars Christmas Special, surprisingly enough.

One thing you will not find here though is your favorite Star Wars musical themes. They are noticeably absent entirely from this first episode. The music fits the series, just don't expect John Williams iconic themes to weave their way in. At least not yet.

This series, to provide a brief into, follows a bounty hunter known only as The Mandalorian on one of his quests across the galaxy in the aftermath of the fall of The Empire, where the prices people are willing to pay him have decreased while the cost of  nearly everything has started to go up in the disorder.

Less is more when it comes to this series. It does not attempt to give you a full explanation of the backstory of the characters we meet, including The Mandalorian himself and that is ok. Part of the glory of the original trilogy was that it didn't feel the need to explain everything. We didn't need an explanation of who Bobba Fett was to understand the character, and we don't need to know exactly where The Mandalorian comes from to understand him as well.

But by far the best part of the first episode of the series was the twist at the end of the episode. Trust me when I say you will have no idea what hit you, and I can not wait to see where this series goes and the effect it will have on the large lore of Star Wars.

Have you seen The Mandalorian yet? What are you looking the most forward to watching on Disney+? Let us know in the comments below!