What Muppets Characters Should Be Added To Disney Magic Kingdoms?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

The Muppets in the Office of Univision

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a game based on the Disney Parks that allows you to build a park featuring characters from mostly Disney and Pixar films. But as the game has continued, they have also featured various other Disney-owned franchises from Star Wars to Pirates of the Caribbean.

So today I am imagining what a theoretical update to the game based on The Muppets would look like. This is not based on any hints or rumors, just what I think a Muppet-themed update to the game would be like.

So for this I am assuming a maximum of 7 characters, as that is typically the most added in a single update. This obviously limits who can be added as there are dozens of famous Muppet characters. I am also not including any human Muppet characters, sticking just to the Muppets themselves. It is also just going to include the main Muppet universe of characters that is owned by Disney, so no related shows like Bear in the Big Blue House, or things Disney does not own like the Dark Crystal series.

With that, let's get started.

Kermit In His Mansion The Muppets

The first and most obvious character would easily be Kermit The Frog. He is by far the most famous Muppet and the closest thing the series has to a main character. No update would be complete without him.

Miss Piggy The Muppets

Similarly, the update would have to include Miss Piggy. She is the main female character (and the Muppets does not have many female characters) and one of its biggest icons. She would be an amazing part of an update.

Fozzie Bear Painting The Muppets

The next most obvious character would be Fozzie Bear. He is Kermit's best friend and probably the most significant character outside the main couple.

When I move beyond these three characters, it is a lot more difficult to select who would be the next characters that could be added to the game, because the Muppet cast is so massive. To narrow it down beyond this point to fill the next four slots, I focused on the most significant characters in the Disney Parks as well as recent Disney Muppets ventures.

Statler and Waldorf In MuppetVision 3D Disney's Hollywood Studios

Before I talk about the characters I think could be added, I want to eliminate two characters. Statler and Waldorf. These characters, due to really only being seen sitting in a theater for most of their appearances would be easy to leave out or feature as a part of an attraction rather than as characters.

I think there are roughly six characters that could fill the next four slots. I'm going to talk about them in the order I think they are likely to be added to the game, but they are all really close.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker MuppetVision Glasses Sign Disney's Hollywood Studios

I can easily imagine Dr. Bunson and Honeydew being added to the game as a pair. Not only are they two of the most iconic Muppet characters, but they have had their own show in the Disney Parks that could lead to some fun animations in the game should they get added. But these two would have to be added together.

Gonzo Wearing a Suit The Muppets

The next character I think could be added is Gonzo. He has been consistently popular through the years, but he is somewhat less significant of a character than all the ones discussed so far.

The next would be Swedish Chef. He is a strong and iconic solo character that would almost certainly have some amazing animations in the game.

Sam Eagle On Everything Sucks The Muppets

I could also see Sam Eagle being added to the game as a part of this update. He has been used quite a lot in Muppets ventures in the real-life Disney Parks and is a more significant Muppet than many other characters. If they want to add the show in Liberty Square or his restaurant in Epcot, he could be a perfect addition to the game.

Animal In Anger Management The Muppets

The last character I could see being added would be Animal. He is only the least likely as due to him being a part of the Electric Mayhem, I could see the game not wanting to add only one of the band, and with only adding less than 10 characters I can't see them all making it in the game.

So now that I've talked about the most likely characters, I thought I'd discuss some wildcard characters.

Walter in Kermit's House The Muppets

The first would be Walter, who is a newer Muppet character that I could see being added if the update focused on the more recent Muppet film.

Sweetums Character MuppetVision Walt Disney World

The next would be Sweetums, who I could maybe see making it into the game due to his role in MuppetVision, the most elaborate Muppet attraction in the real life Disney Parks, although he has somewhat fallen from prominence in recent years.

PizzeRizzo Trash Can Walt Disney World

The last wildcard I could see making it in the game is Rizzo, who I could see making it into the game due to his restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios. If they add the restaurant I could certainly see him making it into the game over some more popular Muppets as a result of it.

There are dozens of other significant Muppet characters who could be great in the game, I just narrowed it down based on modern popularity and it is not to say that I do not love Muppets I did not mention. There are just far to many to make it in one update.

So now that I've discussed characters, I'm going to talk about what some attractions in this update could be.

The most obvious choice is MuppetVision, the 3D show based on the franchise. It being located in the Muppet's theater would be a perfect addition as a part of the update and add a classic Disney attraction.

Any other attractions would really depend on who the Muppets in the update were, as related attractions to them could all be great.

Would you like to see the Muppets in Disney Magic Kingdoms? Be sure to let us know what 7 characters you would add in the comments below.


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