Flying Saucers: Never Built Magic Kingdom

Never Built Magic Kingdom

Carousel of Progress Attraction From Peoplemover Walt Disney World

Prior to the intergalactic spaceport theme of the 1990s version of Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom being decided upon, a much more elaborate plan was developed involving a Jules Verne theme was developed, involving multiple new attractions that did not end up getting built.

One of the main attractions in this canceled retheme would have been a Flying Saucers replacement of the Carousel of Progress.

The exact details of this attraction are unknown, but it would have been a spiritual successor to the classic failed Disneyland Flying Saucers attraction, using a similar ride system. But unlike the original, this would have been located entirely indoors, reusing the building that had housed the Carousel of Progress attraction at the park.

Carousel of Progress would be spared in the eventual retheme of Tomorrowland, but a spiritual successor to the Flying Saucers would eventually be built with Luigi's Flying Tires in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, which utilized a modern version of the original ride system.

Considering the failure that this ride was, it is probably a good thing that we did not lose a Disney classic like Carousel of Progress for an attraction that more than likely would have been a failure.