Talking King Louie Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Talking King Louie Character Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland

King Louie has been a classic character at Disney Parks all around the world, appearing for meet and greets, parades, shows, and more in the parks ever since the film The Jungle Book was first released in theaters.

But in Disneyland, there is a special version of King Louie you can see.

King Louie at Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland

As a part of Mickey and the Magical Map, you can see King Louie, but in this show, he actually talked, something incredibly rare for a Disney character, as he sang along to his iconic song I Wanna Be Like You.

King Louie and Man Playing Trumpet Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland

This was a special part of the show and a character you could only find at this Disneyland show.