Mulan Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Mulan Princess Fantasy Faire Disneyland

Mulan is one of the most popular Disney Princesses, even getting a recent live-action remake of her classic film. Due to this, she is often found throughout the Disney Parks and is prominently found in character meet and greets and shows around the world.

Princess Mulan Character Disneyland Mickey and the Magical Map

Notably, she is a major part of the Mickey and the Magical Map stage show at Disneyland.

Mulan Performs Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland

She is one of three Disney Princesses featured in a segment, and beings a medley of their signature songs.

Mulan Sings Reflection Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland

This features a wonderful live performance of Reflection, mashed up with I See the Light and Colors of the Wind, and it is one of the best uses of Mulan in the Disney Parks to date.

Here is a performance of that section of the show.

Mulan Disney Character Meets at Disneyland Entrance

Mulan is also a fun character to meet in the Disney Parks, being playful and adventurous with guests who have the privilege to meet her.

Mulan at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Epcot Walt Disney World

She is a regular at many of the princess character meals around the world, giving guests extra time to enjoy with her.

Mulan is a treat to see in the Disney Parks, and will surely be a major part of them for years to come.