Major Amusement Parks Are Having a Problem With Violent Guests

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Amusement parks across the country are facing a growing problem, an increase in violence at their parks, and with Halloween events begining this problem appears to be intensifying.

Begining soon after parks began reopening from the closures caused by COVID19, parks began seeing problems of guests causing trouble within their parks, and it hasn't seemed to stop since reopening. Initially much of this was directed at social distancing policies and mask mandates, but even after these were lifted the guest issues continued.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Directions Signs Outside the Park Walt Disney World

From fights at numerous parks stretching from Disney to Six Flags, to chaos at Knott's Berry Farm, this is an issue that keeps occurring.

This is hardly confined to theme parks, with similar stories being found in numerous other places of public life in the US. But in theme parks, due to the number of people visiting each day, this puts the numerous people visiting and working at these parks at risk.

The situation has reached the point of parks having to create systems to deal with it. Hersheypark has put up signs dealing with the issue in an attempt to keep guest behavior under control. Kings Dominion has instituted a reporting system for these issues. It remains to be seen if these will have any noticeable impact.

Hopefully this is just a momentary statistical anomaly in terms of the number of fights, and not indicative of a broader trend. The next time you are at a theme park or amusement park, make sure you follow all park rules and are respectful of the rules. These fights and incidents can ruin the experience for everyone, so follow the rules and make the experience better for us all.