Remy and Emile From Ratatouille in Walt Disney World Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Remy and Emile Characters in Walt Disney World Ratatouille

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is set to open soon at Epcot in Walt Disney World after lengthy delays, but it is not the first time that characters from the iconic Pixar film have appeared at the parks of Walt Disney World.

When the film first came out two characters from the movie began meeting in Disney's Hollywood Studios to celebrate the release of the film. Remy and Emile began meeting guests and became somewhat regular features of the Disney Parks.

Remy and Emile Characters Ratatouille Meet and Greet Disney's Hollywood Studios

This meet and greet would be temporary as it was merely promotional for the movie, but they, and especially Remy, became somewhat common characters in pop-up meet and greets throughout Walt Disney World.

Remy On Ratatouille Parade Float Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

They also even became a part of parades in Disney's Hollywood Studios with their own segment in a Pixar-themed parade.

Emile Ratatouille Character Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hopefully, now that they have their own ride, these characters will become more prominent in Epcot in their own section of the France Pavilion.