Knott's Berry Farm Giga Coaster Plans Leak


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Plans have leaked for a Knott's Berry Farm giga coaster that is apperently in the planning stages for the California amusement park. This roller coaster, which would have a maximum height of over 300 feet would be the largest coaster at the park.

These plans, publicized by The Drunk Riders Podcast on Twitter, feature planning documents for a proposed giga coaster to be located over the current parking lot of the park. Rumors have persisted that a coaster of this style was being designed in this location for years, but this is the first real evidence of this roller coaster assuming the plans are real.

Ghost Town Knott's Berry Farm Calico Land

This roller coaster would be built with an entrance near the station of GhostRider in a new section of the park built around existing backstage facilities which will be reorked in order to fit in the new coaster's queue line and station, with the track being located above.

The plans also call for a parking garage to be built near the park's hotel, assumably allowing for increased capacity as well as replacing some of the parking spots that will be lost by this roller coaster being built.

No manufacturer is officially known for this coaster, but rumors suggest it will be a B&M roller coaster, and the layout of the proposed coaster is remarkably similar to previous similar coasters built by Bolliger and Mabillard.

Two versions of this coaster leaked, the one discussed above from October 2021, and an earlier layout with a station located near the rapids in the park, showcasing that this coaster has been in development for some time, and that the current plans may not be the final coaster that gets built.

Here is a rough recreation of the proposed roller coaster created based on the blueprints within the video game Planet Coaster.

These plans have yet to be confirmed, and all of the information here is still a rumor as of right now.

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