Goofy's Sky School

Goofy's Sky School

Disney California Adventure opened up with what many people said was too many lightly themed off the shelf rides with no connection to Disney whatsoever. Yet at this point, only one of them has been given a Disney makeover.

Goofy's Sky School opened up as Mulholland Maddness, themed to driving a rental car in L.A. Surprisingly this theme was not popular with people who likely had driven in L.A. before and was the only ride rethemed during the history of Paradise Pier.

The new theme was the Goofy short Goofy's Glider. The cars were traded in for planes but the basic ride stayed the same. It was still the same lightly themed coaster but now with Goofy-themed decorations instead of decorations based on flying with the famous Goofy at his air school.

This ride has Fastpass, but you won't need it. Even in busy times it rarely gets over 45-minute waits and is usually around the 20-minute mark. Often the wait for the Fastpass window is shorter than the wait time.

Enjoy it while you can, as the future of all of Paradise Gardens Park is uncertain in the constantly changing park.